Restitutor Orbis

Enemies of God

488 AD

King Lot’s long-lost son, Cunotigernos, returned to Din Eidyn as a monk to condemn his father’s paganism. Lot was enraged by this. His son, Lugh Striking-Hand, rode forth to avenge his father. He tracked his nephew to a monastery, arriving in the middle of the wedding of a procurator from Eboracum named Firactus. Badiovirus had come to the wedding with a small band of warriors, intent on killing Firactus for his collaboration with an Anglian warlord named Winta. As Lugh and his warriors knocked in the doors and set fire to the monastery, Badiovirus and his warriors joined them. They burned the monastery to the ground and slew many of Firactus’s warriors, though both Firactus and Cunotigernos escaped with their lives.



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