Restitutor Orbis

The Shadows of Din Tagell

489 AD

Titus returned home to Dumnonia from Ireland with a band of loyal Irish fighters, and a dozen different stories as to why they followed him. He wasn’t back long before Gerontius tried to recruit him for the struggle against Marcus Cunomorus. Titus’s hatred for his father, one of Cunomorus’s most trusted commanders, made him easy to persuade. Gerontius asked Titus to kill Gauorignus, a Dumnonian sub-king loyal to Cunomorus.

Gauorignus lived in Din Tagell, an impregnable fortress on the kingdom’s northern coast. Oddly, Owain arrived at Gerontius’s villa that very night, traveling from Rheged to share a vision that he’d had with Titus. That vision inspired Titus to attack Gauorignus from a different angle: seducing Gauorignus’s lover, Rosula. Rosula, convinced that if she killed Gauorignus that she and Titus could have a future together, did just that, but Titus was long gone by then, returned to Gerontius to collect his payment.

Gauorignus’s son, Bellatus, captured Rosula, tortured her until she confessed to everything, and then had her executed. He set out to hunt down Titus to take his revenge. Badiovirus had come to Dumnonia to seek Gerontius’s help in the fight against the Saxons. He employed many of them himself, which made Badiovirus nervous, but he also controlled one of the largest fleets in Britain, a vital resource in the war against the sea-borne Saxons. He stepped in between Titus and Bellatus, convincing them that they needed to set aside their squabbles and focus on the threat to them all posed by the Saxon invaders. Bellatus only relented when Badiovirus bested him in combat. Though no longer actively hunting him, Titus knows he has a sworn enemy in Din Tagell, one who schemes to one day take his revenge.



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