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The Twin Giants

490 AD

The Roman road between Olenacum and Verbaia in Brigantian territory was always one of the most dangerous in the island, not only because of the difficult geography it crossed, but because of the Brigantes themselves, who, when not in full revolt, often occupied themselves with raiding and brigandry. Owain, prince of Rheged, a kingdom only a day’s ride north of this road, sent a message to Uther Pendragon, advising him to send his son Caius Hectorius with a patrol along this road, claiming that he had seen in a vision that Caius would “slay a giant and find a hero.”

When Caius arrived in Verbaia, he immediately heard stories of a giant called Butu, a brigand who robbed anyone who tried to take the road. Caius took the road, determined to put an end to Butu’s menace. He was prepared for an ambush, but he did not expect that “Butu” was actually not one, but two brigand leaders, each with their own gang. Caius was trapped, attacked on both sides. It was Titus’s timely intervention with his Irish fighters who saved Caius and his men that day. They defeated the Butu brothers. Caius took the head of one to hang from the gates of Olenacum, while Titus took the other back to Verbaia.



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