Restitutor Orbis

The Wild Man of the Elms

488 AD

Tales of the Wild Man of the Elms, a mysterious savage who lived in the elm forests near the Wall, by the Ituna Aestuarium (Solway Firth), attracted Titus to the area, hoping to earn glory by hunting and slaying the beast-man. When he finally found the creature, he discovered he was a prince of Rheged named Owain, plagued by gwyllt. Years before, while delivering supplies to Concavata, he was attacked by a band of Pictish raiders led by a warlord named Kaw. The trauma drove Owain mad. He fled into the woods and became the storied Wild Man. When Titus discovered this, he decided to take Owain home, but others had set out to hunt the Wild Man, too. One of them was King Lot’s daughter, Minura. Titus found her before she found Owain, seduced her, and convinced her to capture the Wild Man, rather than kill him. When Minura brought her prize back to Din Eidyn, Lot recognized the prince of Rheged, and assigned his son Lugh Striking-Hand to take Owain home and help him recover from his madness.



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