Restitutor Orbis

The Witch of Noviomagus

491 AD

Uther Pendragon was forced to break off the war against Winta and travel south when word came that the Saxon warlord Ælle had begun laying siege to the old Saxon Shore fort at Anderitum.

By the time Uther’s army arrived, Ælle had already taken the fort. Uther had fallen ill during the journey, and died soon thereafter. Rumors circulated that the Saxons had employed a witch to aid their siege and strike down Pendragon with illness. Caius Hectorius swore to take revenge on the witch, so Lugh Striking-Hand and Badiovirus agreed to join him on his quest. Together they rode to the territory of the Regenses to find the witch and slay her to avenge Uther Pendragon.

Lugh found her hut in the forest first. The witch was beautiful. She begged Lugh to protect her from his friends. Lugh returned to them, telling them there was no witch, and not to harass a poor woman living by herself in the woods. Enraged, Caius challenged Lugh. They agreed on Peredur as an impartial and observant judge. Just as Caius was about to strike a killing blow, Peredur called the match, saying that the witch had clearly ensorcelled Lugh. Caius and Badiovirus rode into the wood, found the hut, and slew the witch.



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