Restitutor Orbis

Winta's War

490 AD

Two years after the confrontation at Cunotigernos’s monastery, Winta, the Anglian warlord invited to Britain by Einion ap Mark, had recruited an army around Lindum. Badiovirus had spent his time preparing for this, recruiting warriors from Eboracum. An army assembled by Ambrosius Aurelianus arrived, under the command of Caius Hectorius. Caius was unsure about his shadowy ally in the wilds, but they terrorized the Angles, driving them right into Caius’s trap. The combination proved so deadly that Winta sent his best warriors after the two leaders, and managed to capture them both. The two warleaders finally met, as captives in Winta’s camp.

King Lot had sent his son, Lugh Striking-Hand, south to help Uther Pendragon, in the hopes of securing his aid against the Picts. Uther sent Lugh to Winta’s camp to bargain for the release of his son. When he arrived in the camp, however, Lugh recognized Badiovirus, and rather than deliver the ransom, decided to rescue the two warleaders. Together, the three knights cut their way out of Winta’s camp, leaving such casualties behind that Winta had no choice but to end his insurrection.



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