Arthur Pendragon

High King of the Britons

  • High Concept: High King of the Britons
  • Trouble: Ideals of Camulod
  • Wielder of Caliburn
  • Gwenhwyfar, My Love
  • Grieving Father



Ruler (Lead): Whenever Arthur invokes his aspect High King of the Britons as part of an overcome roll with Lead to issue orders or proclamations in Britannia it counts as a perfect invocation.

Beloved Ruler (Lead): Once per scene when he interacts with the people of Britannia, he gains a boost reflecting their loyalty to him.

Relentless Tactical Warlord (Lead): Arthur can give his warband two orders to take Create an Advantage or Overcome actions on one turn.

And Whose Army? (Lead): Arthur can use Lead to make Daunt rolls when he can point to the people who follow him.


Arthur Pendragon

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