Sarmatian Knight

  • Heroic Ideal: Many Stories, One Home
  • Tragic Flaw: Glory Hound
  • Sarmatian Knight
  • Sarmatian Stories
  • Mythic Cartographer



Performer (Speak): When you make a public performance by making a speech, reciting a poem, or delivering a sermon, roll Speak against a Fair (+2) opposition. If you succeed, you can place an aspect on the scene with two free invocations. If you succeed with style, you can also place a boost on one individual in the audience.

Leap Into the Saddle (Move): If your horse is in the scene you can instantly leap into the saddle. You gain the situation aspect Mounted with one free invocation.

Sarmatian Riding Style (Move): Requires Leap into the Saddle. You can invoke the situation aspect Mounted to move through two zones and then make an attack using Move in a physical conflict.

Tracker (Mark): When you succeed on a roll using Mark to follow a trail left by a creature, you also learn one of its aspects and gain a free invocation on it.

Open & Honest (Understand): If you speak openly and honestly with another character, you can reveal one of your aspects to them (granting them a free invocation on it). In return, they must reveal one of their aspects to you, granting you a free invocation on it.

Patron: Arthur Pendragon


Sarmatian Knight

Ten generations have passed since Marcus Aurelius defeated the Sarmatians and sent thousands of them to Hadrian’s Wall in the north of Britain. While many consider themselves Britons now, taking British names, worshipping Christ, and speaking Latin and Brythonic, in some garrisons along the Wall, Sarmatian communities have endured, keeping alive their religion, language, and traditions. Batraz comes from one such community, from Bremetennacum, in southern Rheged. Batraz’s younger sisters, the twins Amagê and Tirgataô, are accomplished horse archers who ride with Prince Owain’s Wailing Arrows. Batraz, trained as a cataphractarii, was sent by King Marcianus to serve as one of Aulus Hectorius’s knights.

Sarmatian Stories

Batraz is named for a legendary Sarmatian hero who pulled his magic sword from the roots of a tree, and on his death, forced his reluctant friend to cast it back to the goddess in the Black Sea. He grew up listening to his grandfather’s stories from their homeland, far across the sea. Batraz believes that stories weave people to each other and to the land. He is constantly weaving and re-weaving those stories, looking for the bonds that will connect the stories of his life to the stories of this land.

Mythic Cartographer

Batraz is an accomplished tracker. He describes it not as a mere mechanical process of following a trail, but as a journey closer to the animal, not only physically but emotionally. He describes navigation over physical terrain as an emotional journey though a land woven with stories, thick with references to local lore and legends. Wherever Batraz travels, he seeks out the stories of the place, claiming that they are the only true guide to understanding what story that place is trying to tell.


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