Left Hand of Arthur

  • Heroic Ideal: His Might Upholds the Weak
  • Tragic Flaw: Superbia
  • Liberator of Ceint
  • Caius is my Brother in Arms
  • Left Hand of Arthur



Guerrilla (Skulk): You must have an aspect referring to your training or background as a guerrilla fighter. Whenever you gain the situation aspect Lying in Ambush, you gain a free invocation on your guerrilla aspect.

Hush (Skulk): You can lead a group of people equal to your Skulk skill (e.g., if you have Good (+3) Skulk, you can lead a group of three others, plus yourself), and make one Skulk roll for the entire group, so long as they stay together and follow your instructions.

Not To Be Trifled With (Daunt): When you make it clear how dangerous you are, roll Daunt against your target’s Endure. If you succeed, that target will not attack you or willingly come near you unless you take action against him first. If you succeed with style, neither will anyone with a lower Endure than your target.

Barbarian Tongue (Saxon) (Know): You can speak the language of some other people besides the Romano-Britons, like the Saxon, Pictish, or Irish language. You can take this stunt multiple times to speak multiple barbarian languages.

Ruler (Lead): You must have an aspect referring to your leadership in a government, such as the magistrate of a city or the king of a country. Whenever you invoke this aspect as part of an overcome roll with Lead to issue orders or proclamations for your government it counts as a perfect invocation.

Patron: Arthur Pendragon



  • Fraternitas Durovernis
  • Liberators of Cantium



Roman Siege Equipment
The Fraternitas Durovernis can only move 1 zone at a time, because they are slowed by their polybolos and flame thrower. Badiovirus can spend a fate point to use them to make a Fight attack that targets each warband in a targeted zone on the battlefield. Badiovirus rolls one attack, which each warband must defend against separately.

Fearsome Reputation
The Fraternitas Durovernis is widely feared. When an enemy attacks them, they can spend a fate point to force them to make an overcome roll with Endure against their own Daunt roll first. If they fail, their enemies can attack as normal. On a tie, they gain a boost against them. On a success, their enemy’s attack automatically fails. On a success with style, their enemy’s attack automatically fails and they gain a boost against them.


  1. Fanucos (Flame Thrower Optio)
  2. T. Flavius Longinus Sagittarius (Polybolos Optio)
  3. M. Tullius (Founding Member of the Fraternitas Durovernis)
  4. Vassura (Founding Member of the Fraternitas Durovernis)
  5. Q. Horatius (Founding Member of the Fraternitas Durovernis)
  6. Rosula (Founding Member of the Fraternitas Durovernis)
  7. Lucia Pomponia
  8. Belator
  9. Carnocus the Blonde
  10. Dubnus
  11. Sunngifu (Jutish Shieldmaiden)
  12. Wulfrun (Jutish Shieldmaiden)
  13. Hilda (Jutish Shieldmaiden)
  14. Imbicatos (Fanucos’ Attendant, Flame-Thrower Specialist)
  15. Vodenos (Fanucos’ Attendant, Fuel Bearer)
  16. Turpilos (Fanucos’ Attendant, Torchbearer)
  17. Paullus Marcianus (Sagittarius’s Attendant_, Polybolos Specialist)
  18. Gn. Attius Celerianus (Sagittarius’s Attendant_, Polybolos Specialist)


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