King of Lindum

  • King of Lindum
  • Corieltauvi Tigernos
  • Praefectus Civitatis
  • Patron of Saxon Ealdormen



  • Foreign Language (Saxon) (Learning): Catuboduos speaks the Germanic Saxon language.

Patron:Ambrosius Aurelianus



  • Corieltauvi Militia




Catuboduos commands a warband of guerrilla fighters. They have a +2 bonus when rolling Intimidation to create an advantage.


King of Lindum

Catuboduos’s grandfather, Catigernos, was the leader of a local Celtic militia when the Romans ruled Britain. After the Revolution, though, he emerged as the first king of Lindum. Catuboduos now wears his grandfather’s royal torc.

Under the empire, Lindum attracted people from across the empire: people from Germania to Africa and Egypt to Hispania. That civilian population was knitted together only by romanitas: Roman law, the Latin language, and in the last century of the empire’s rule, Christianity.

Lindum, however, lay in the northern militarized zone of Britannia, and the arrangement of the late imperial military created a military society quite distinct from the civilian society. That society was dominated by Germanic foederati and local Celtic militia. These two groups, employed by the Romans for generations as soldiers, see themselves as having more in common with each other than the multicultural civilian population. King Catuboduos allows his Germanic comrades to follow their own ealdormen (so long as they remain loyal to him, of course), and treats them as brothers in a warrior aristocracy.

As a kingdom, Catigernos and his descendants developed a distinctly British identity, uniting the various elements of the kingdom by their relationship to Corieltauvi warriors. Now, however, warlords from across the sea have begun causing trouble, asking the ealdormen why they must serve a Celtic warlord, rather than rule the country themselves? Lindum has many people, from many places; what right do the sons of Catigernos have to impose their British ways on the whole kingdom? Only recently, after the failed insurrection in neighboring Icenia, have some of the ealdormen listened to the claims made by one warlord in particular, named Winta, and joined him in an insurrection against Lindum.

Of course, Catuboduos’s problem goes deeper than just this single insurrection. Lindum is a kingdom divided: between civilian and military societies, within the military society between British and Saxon, and within the civilian society among dozens of different traditions, languages, and religions, only loosely knitted together by a fading memory of romanitas.

Corieltauvi Tigernos

Catuboduos traces his ancestry to Volisios, the strongest of the ancient kings of the Corieltauvi. He uses the Brythonic term tigernos, meaning “lord.” It is a title denoting power and respect, but it is Latinized as tyrannus, a word which the Romans used to mean specifically someone who ruled without imperium (legitimacy). The term is changing in Latin usage, though, to mean not just an unlawful ruler, but an unjust ruler, a despot. Catuboduos does not see himself as such a ruler. The Honorian Rescript gives him as strong a claim to imperium in Lindum as anyone in the island, and he tries to rule fairly. But there are elements among the Saxons who mean just that, because he places his own British traditions above theirs. Likewise, the civilian population uses the cognates carefully to express their displeasure at being ruled by a Celtic warlord. There are some in Lindum who would like to see civilian magistrate and the curia to take control of the kingdom, instead of the sons of Catigernos.

Praefectus Civitatis

After the Revolution, Catigernos took the title praefectus civitatis — the title of a military governor. It connects Catuboduos to Roman imperium, granting him legitimacy by connecting him to the old institutions of Rome.

Patron of Saxon Ealdormen

For generations before the Revolution, Rome settled Saxon laeti in Corieltauvi territory. These Germanic warbands helped defend the territory, fighting alongside local Celtic militias, like the one Catigernos once led. As king, Catuboduos is patron to several Saxon ealdormen. Some, spurred by the terrible events of the generations-long war in Ceint — and sometimes by their second-class status beneath Catuboduos and his British militias — have begun listening to warlords like Winta, joining an insurrection against him. Many more ealdormen remain loyal to Catuboduos, but it has made him paranoid and suspicious.

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