Apostle of the Old North

  • Apostle of the Old North
  • Disowned Grandson of a Pagan King
  • Mungo
  • Miracle Worker



  • Man of the Cloth (Learning): Cunotigernos has a +2 bonus to all Learning rolls relating to religion, and his social stress track is determined by his Learning skill, rather than his Patronage skill.

Patron: Pope Gelasius


Apostle of the Old North

Cunotigernos ran a monastery in the territory of the Damnonii for thirteen years. He lived an austere life, dwelling in a small cell. His example of a simple, holy life converted many. Then, Cunotigernos undertook a journey to Din Eidyn to confront his grandfather, King Lot. Cunotigernos denounced him for his cruelty and his paganism. Lot’s son, Lugh Striking-Hand, followed Cunotigernos back to his monastery to avenge the insult to his father. At the same time, a garrison commander from Hadrian’s Wall named Firactus came to the holy man’s monastery to be married. Unknown to either the commander or the monk, Firactus’s involvement with Winta had put the guerrilla Badiovirus on his trail. During the wedding, Badiovirus and Lugh worked together to burn the monastery to the ground. Cunotigernos survived, and took refuge with Bishop David of Menevia.

Disowned Grandson of a Pagan King

Teneu, the daughter of King Lot, became pregnant by a handsome courtier. Lot was so enraged that he had the courtier and his daughter thrown from the heights of Din Eidyn. The courtier died, but Teneu did not. Neither did her child, Cunotigernos.


Teneu took refuge with a preacher named Servanus, or Serf, who was preaching to the Picts. He called Cunotigernos “Mungo,” meaning “my dear one.” It became the name by which Cunotigernos became more well known.

Miracle Worker

Here is the bird that never flew
Here is the tree that never grew

A story is told that some of Mungo’s classmates killed Serf’s pet robin, hoping to pin him with it, but Mungo restored the bird to life. In another story, Mungo was left in charge of a fire, but he fell asleep and the fire went out. When he awoke, Mungo gathered branches from a tree and miraculously restarted the fire.

Image by Brian Scott.


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