Einion ap Mark

Dux Britanniarum

  • High Concept: Dux Britanniarum
  • Trouble: A Heavy Crown
  • British King
  • The Fleet of Eboracum
  • Foederati Patron



  • Official (Stewardship): Einion gains a +2 bonus to Stewardship rolls relating to Eboracum.

Patron:Ambrosius Aurelianus



  • The Pride of the Brigantes



Einion’s warband consists of 100 Brigantian warriors.


High Concept: Dux Britanniarum

Einion ap Mark is the grandson of Titus Coelstius, the last Dux Britanniarum, appointed by the Emperor Constantine III. He commands the garrisons of Hadrian’s Wall (or at least, those east of the mountains), and one of the largest, most prosperous cities in Britain. With the title of Dux comes a responsibility, however. Einion’s entire kingdom has been dedicated, for generations, to maintaining Hadrian’s Wall, the line separating Britain from the Pictish hordes to the north. It falls to Einion to protect Britain from this threat.

Trouble: A Heavy Crown

Most of the tyranni of Britain can simply enjoy their new-found status, but not Einion. For him, rulership brings with it constant vigilance and an ever-present enemy. In a way, his father and grandfather succeeded too well. The Picts no longer even consider attacking the Wall. Instead, they’ve become a maritime threat to Britain, launching naval raids into the south that bypass the Wall completely. Has Einion failed in his mission, because he fulfilled it too well? Is his mission to maintain the Wall, or to protect Britain from the Picts?

British King

Einion’s father used his Roman name, Marcus Coelestius, just as his father, Titus Coelstius, had done before him. During that time, life changed in Eboracum, though. The city has populations from all over the empire, but as the wars raged, a singular British identity began to emerge. Einion committed himself to that identity when he took the title of Dux not as Marcus Coelestius Engenius, but as Einion ap Mark.

The Fleet of Eboracum

After the Revolution, the Picts did not try to assault the Wall. Instead, they launched naval raids into the south. It made sense, then, for Vortigernos to contract a Saxon warlord — Hengist — to counter them. The Saxons were known as fierce warriors and raiders of the Northern Ocean. Hengist did not disappoint; his campaigns brought King Drust to heel. A generation later, however, and the war with the Saxons has allowed the Picts to resume their raiding. They do not strike as far or as often, but it makes Einion question the purpose of his command. He has decided that to fulfill his mission, he must build a fleet capable of stopping the Picts. He relies on Firactus for much of this as the procurator of his fleet.

Foederati Patron

Firactus convinced Einion some years ago that he should sign up Saxon foederati loyal to him if he truly wanted to build a fleet capable of defending Britain. Hengist had successfully countered the Picts before he revolted; if Einion simply kept his bargain with his foederati, it should pose no problem. Einion listened to his procurator, and began settling Saxon foederati along Eboracum’s eastern coastline, providing land and food paid from local taxes, in return for their service patrolling the Northern Ocean against Pictish raiders.

Einion ap Mark

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