Procurator of the Classis Eboracensis

  • High Concept: Procurator of the Classis Eboracensis
  • Trouble: I Did What I Had To Do
  • A Life Before the Mast
  • The Ear of the Dux
  • Winta’s Friend



  • Navigator (Learning): Firactus gains a +2 bonus to Learning rolls to create an advantage for a boat or ship.
  • Foreign Tongue (Saxon) (Learning): Firacus can speak the Germanic Saxon language.

Patron: Einion ap Mark



  • The Isurium



The crew of the Isurium gains a +2 bonus to any Fighting rolls made in a zone with an aspect identifying it as water.


The Isurium is manned by 30 soldiers.


High Concept: Procurator of the Classis Eboracensis

Firactus is the procurator of the Classis Eboracensis, the fleet that Einion ap Mark has spent so much of his reign trying to build. So far, the fleet has only half a dozen naves lusoriae, including Firactus’s flagship, the Isurium. Firactus doesn’t think that Eboracum will ever truly be able to build the sort of fleet that the task requires. He often cites the example of the Western Empire, which has not been able to put much of a fleet on the sea in a hundred years. Nonetheless, he is a capable sailor and perhaps the best naval commander in Britain, and honored to command the fleet.

A Life Before the Mast

Not many know the full story of Firactus’s past. He apparently spent some time as a sailor in Greece, and may have spent some time on some of Gerontius’s ships. Rumors abound that he fought for Saxon warlords and learned much of what he knows about sailing from them. The fact that he can speak their language and appears to have friends among them would seem to suggest that there is at least some truth to that story.

The Ear of the Dux

Dux Einion ap Mark has spent much of his reign trying to create a Classis Eboracensis. Though Firactus has his doubts that this dream will ever fully come to fruition — and has shared those doubts with the dux — he has risen through the ranks to become the procurator of the fleet. The Dux has trusted him with his greatest ambition. As a result, Firactus has a great deal of influence on the dux, even persuading him to hire Anglian foederati.

Winta’s Friend

It is unclear when and how Firactus became friends with the Anglian warlord Winta, but there is clearly some sort of shared history between them. When Winta was exiled from his people, he sought refuge with Firactus in Britain, and when Firactus persuaded the dux to hire Anglian foederati, Winta was the first one he hired.


Restitutor Orbis Jason