Glewlwyd Strong-Grip

Arthur's Porter

  • Arthur’s Porter
  • Obdurate Gatekeeper
  • Offensive Knight



  • Gatekeeper (Will): Glewlwyd has a +2 bonus to Will rolls when refusing someone entry.

Patron:Arthur Pendragon


(Pronounced Gloo-LOO-id)

Arthur’s Porter

Glewlwyd has served Arthur longer than any of his other knights. Arthur keeps him close. On campaign, Glewlwyd stands guard outside the command tent. Whenever someone has tracked down the other commanders to meet with Arthur, it was Glewlwyd. At home, Glewlwyd is the gatekeeper of Camulod. He commands a small staff there at the gatehouse.

Obdurate Gatekeeper

Arthur first encountered Glewlwyd when he barred his way into the hall of a Durotrigan chief. Arthur was so impressed by Glewlwyd’s obstinate charge that he asked the chief to release Glewlwyd into his service. Glewlwyd is an incredibly dedicated guardian — sometimes too dedicated.

Offensive Knight

Glewlwyd’s duties require him to often turn people away. This wins him few friends, but that doesn’t bother him very much. He is a big, strong, ferocious man, so much so that people generally give him whatever he wants. He is loyal to Arthur, but not terribly popular.

Image by Richard Hook.

Glewlwyd Strong-Grip

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