Gnaeus Pettelius Venatorius

Arthur's Auditor

  • Heroic Ideal: None Above the Law
  • Tragic Flaw: Obsession with Roman Remnants
  • Arthur’s Auditor
  • Pelagian Marxist
  • Relentless Pursuit



Field of Study (Know): Pettelius has a +1 bonus to any rolls involving Roman law, and a further +1 bonus to any rolls relating to ancient treaties specifically.

Theory in Practice (Know): If Roman law relates to the task at hand, Pettelius can spend a fate point to use Know in place of any other skill for one roll.

  • Tracker (Mark): Pettelius has a +2 bonus to finding and following tracks and signs in the wild.

Hunter (Fight): Pettelius has a +2 bonus to Fight rolls against animals.

Physician (Know): Once per session Pettelius can reduce someone else’s physical consequence by one level of severity (severe to moderate, moderate to mild, mild to nothing at all) by succeeding on a Know roll with a difficulty equal to the value of the consequence in shifts. He can’t use it on himself. (Normally, this roll would only start the recovery process, instead of changing the consequence level.)

Patron: Arthur Pendragon


Gnaeus Pettelius Venatorius

Restitutor Orbis Dayriff