Lord of the Ingwine

  • High Concept: Lord of the Ingwine
  • Trouble: Migratory King
  • Offa’s Blood
  • Kinslayer
  • One Hundred Loyal Ealdormen



  • Anglian Gesith


Icel’s gesith consists of 100 warriors.


High Concept: Lord of the Ingwine

When Hengist died, his son Æsc succeeded him as king of Ceint, but the other Saxons who had joined his insurrection were left without a leader. They sent word to the lords of the Ingwine to come to Britain. Icel was such a lord. He has been welcomed by the Saxons who followed Hengist as their king, the leader who will bring them victory and seize their rightful place as the heirs of Rome and the rightful rulers of the island.

Trouble: Migratory King

Kingship among the Saxons centers not on the land, but on the person of the king, so when Icel came to Britain, his followers came with him. He has no kingdom on the continent to return to; if he cannot carve one out in Britain, he will have lost everything.

Offa’s Blood

Icel is the great-grandson of Offa, and through him, descended from the great god Wotan. An old legend tells of how two of Offa’s kin, brothers named Ket and Wig, ambushed their mother’s killer in the forest, two against one. Their dishonorable action called the honor of his whole clan into question. Offa restored his family’s honor by challenging a Saxon prince and his champion at once and defeating them. That was how Offa became king of the Myrgings and restored his family’s honor. The laws of honor weigh heavily on any of the lords of the Ingwine, but for Icel, who has heard this story a hundred times since his boyhood, they mean everything.


When his father died, Icel and his brother Friðulf both had a claim to the throne. Icel challenged his brother to a duel and killed him, leaving him the entire kingdom.

One Hundred Loyal Ealdormen

They say that Icel has a hundred loyal ealdormen at his command. This is surely an exaggeration, but his divine lineage and prestige has brought many ealdormen to his side.


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