Khalid ibn-Salim

Bringing Civilization to Savage Lands

  • Heroic Ideal: Bringing Civilization to Savage Lands
  • Tragic Flaw: The Thin Veneer
  • Youngest of the Sons of Salim
  • The Weight of Rome
  • Always Underestimated



Hunter (Fight): When you make a Fight roll to attack an animal and invoke an aspect that you learned by making a Mark roll to track it, it always counts as a perfect invocation.

Defender (Fight): When an attack against someone in the same zone as you targets another person, you can pay a point of valor or make an overcome roll with Move against an opposition equal to the attack roll redirect it against yourself.

Tracker (Mark): When you succeed on a roll using Mark to follow a trail left by a creature, you also learn one of its aspects and gain a free invocation on it.

Investigator (Mark): When you use Mark to investigate a scene, take either the result of your roll or your skill in Mark as your result, whichever is higher.

Keen Observation (Mark): When a conflict begins, you immediately set a number of aspects on the scene equal to your skill in Mark. You get a free invocation on one of them.

Image by Angus McBride.


Khalid ibn-Salim is the youngest of three brothers from the Ghassanid kingdom. He happened to save a noble of the Byzantine Empire. It was a feat that demanded reward. Unfortunately, because the noble was out of favor with Emperor Anastasius, it also demanded punishment. That opportunity presented itself when news reached Constantinople of the victory at Badon Hill and the survival of a Roman province in the west. Khalid was sent to the court of Arthur Pendragon in Britain as the official ambassador of the Roman Empire with his two older brothers — a token gesture to the Britons with all of Rome’s legitimacy behind it and none of its actual support, and an appropriate honor for ibn-Salim’s bravery that punished him with exile to the very edge of the world.

Khalid ibn-Salim

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