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When Lot’s warband wavers in battle, it creates an advantage for itself even on a regular success.

This warband has become used to losing friends. It does not waver when it suffers casualties.


Lot’s teulu consists of 20 warriors.


Pagan King of Guotodin

Lot is the pagan king of the Votadinian kingdom of Guotodin. He has proven himself an effective ruler over the years, despite his personal and moral failings as a human being and a father. As more of the Old North turns to Christianity, many look to Lot as a powerful king who still believes in the old gods to defend those ways against the Christians. With the peace arranged at Din Eidyn, Lot’s struggles have shifted from military to cultural and spiritual concerns.

The Host

Lot commands not only Votadinian warbands, but old Roman garrisons closer to the Wall. He can call on an impressive number of warriors. His neighbors fear him.

A Big Family

Besides his many children (Mynyddog, Teneu, Senica, Lugh Striking-Hand, Ualcos Magesos, and Ualcaved), Lot’s older brother, Cunedda, left Guotodin to him when he moved south with his own rather large family as feoderati fighting for Vortigernos. Cunedda agreed to fight the Irish in the old Roman province of Britannia Secunda, and in return, he and his children would own whatever land they took from them. Cunedda has died, but his sons — Lot’s nephews — control most of the kingdoms surrounding Pagus, the kingdom ruled by Vortigernos’s own children. All told, Lot and his nephews control an impressive swath of the island.

Closer to home, Lot’s treatment of his eldest daughter Teneu has bred resentment among his family. Most of his children despise him as a vile man, more “King Lot” than “father.” They’ve taken a variety of approaches to this situation, though, from Mynyddog’s commitment to be a better man and a better king when he succeeds him, to Senica’s plot to kill him. Teneu and her son Cunotigernos, with help from Lugh Striking-Hand and his friends among Aulus Hectorius’s commanders, effected a reconciliation that has cooled those tempers somewhat, but such wounds do not heal immediately. It will take time before any of Lot’s children feel any particular warmth towards him, but at least Senica isn’t trying to kill him anymore.

Image by Richard Hook.


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