Ruaidhrí uí Lóegde

Converted Irish Royal Guard

  • Converted Irish Royal Guard
  • Irish Monks Brew the Best Beer
  • Unrepentant Pagan


Patron:Titus Drustanus


Converted Irish Royal Guard

Ruaidhrí was one of Fergus mac Eirc’s bodyguards, until Titus Drustanus made him a better offer. Now he works for him.

Irish Monks Brew the Best Beer

The Christian monks in Ireland brew some of the best beer in the isles. Their converts would lack the courage to lead a raid to sack a monastery to steal several barrels of it, to sell for a monstrous profit in the cities of Britain, but not an unrepentant pagan like Ruaidhrí. His patron, Titus, presented him as an “Irish prince” eager to trade with the Britons, knowing full well that Ruaidhrí was stealing it (though he might not have told Titus where he was stealing it from).

Unrepentant Pagan

Christianity is becoming popular in Ireland, but Ruaidhrí remains an unrepentant pagan. He derides the Christians, and feels no reason not to raid their monasteries.

Image by Angus McBride.

Ruaidhrí uí Lóegde

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