Sextus Blossius Martianus

Veteran of Eboracum




  • Navigator (Learning): Martianus gains a +2 bonus to Learning rolls to create an advantage for a boat or ship.

Patron: Peredur


Veteran of Eboracum

Sextus Blossius Martianus comes from a long line of laeti who have served under the Dux Britanniarum. He personally served for many years.

Experienced Roman Sailor

Before returning home to serve in Eboracum’s army, Martianus ran off to have adventures on the high seas. He became an experienced sailor during that time, serving aboard merchant ships as a guard.

Served with Firactus & Vorcunos

On his last adventure at sea, Martianus served beneath Vorcunos, alongside Firactus. Firactus resented Vorcunos. The ship was attacked by Saxons, led byÆthelflæd. Vorcunos made friends with one of her warriors, an Angle named Winta, procuring his release and the release of the other sailors, including Martianus, but he left Vorcunos to the Saxons, presumably to be killed. Æthelflæd had something else in mind, though. Years later, Martianus revealed this story to Vorcunos’s son, Peredur, and joined his Outriders.

Sextus Blossius Martianus

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