Titus Drustanus

Silver-Tongued Schemer

  • High Concept: Silver-Tongued Schemer
  • Trouble: A Life Built on Lies
  • Attack from Unorthodox Angles
  • Unearned Glory



Classical Rhetoric (Eloquence): At the beginning of a social or mental conflict, Titus can choose to use pathos, ethos or logos.

Seducer (Intrigue): Titus can use Intrigue to seduce someone. He has a +2 bonus to Intrigue when he tries to create an advantage to seduce someone.

Foreign Tongue (Irish) (Learning): Titus speaks the Gaelic Irish language.

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  • Converted Irish Royal Guards
  • It’s a Fucking Flame-Thrower!




Light Infanty
So long as Titus’s warband has no armor, they can use Athletics to defend against attacks made with Fighting.

Titus’s warband gains a +2 bonus to defense rolls until the start of their next turn when they move into a new zone.


  • Fithne (♀)
  • Dónal (♂)
  • Gofraidh (♂)
  • Labhrás (♂)
  • Mallaidh (♀)
  • Pádraig (♂)
  • Ruaidhrí Uí Lóegde (♂)
  • Ulick (♂)
  • Gearalt (♂)
  • Caoilfhionn (♀)
  • Diarmaid (♂)
  • Earnucus (♂)
  • Tita (♀)
  • Varenus (♂)

Titus is descended from a Pictish foederatus who served Rome with distinction, well enough to earn the right to his own family name, Drustanus, the Latin form of his original, Pictish name, Drust. His family rose to prominence in the Revolution. Titus hates his father, so much that he refuses to use the family name. Instead, he goes only by “Titus.” He spent time in Ireland. He’s skilled at rhetoric and at performance, particularly with his harp. These are the facts.

He seduced a future queen while in Ireland, but honor forbade him from continuing this relationship for long. He instead married a woman with the same name and face as the queen, and is loved by her family when he is able to return home. He has defeated several prominent warriors and knights in single combat, earning him the respect of kings and warlords. He can call on allies in any corner of the isles. These are the facts according to Titus.

There is a marked difference between these two lists: you can trust the first one.

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Titus Drustanus

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