Cantium (Kingdom)

Issue: Oppressed by Demons

Bedwyr dreams of creating a Pelagian kingdom, guided by Pelagian ideals. He sees the Saxon gods as demons, oppressing his people, by turning their minds towards destruction and war. He intends to convert his people to Pelagian Christianity — but will that only alienate his people further? And what of his magister militum, Octa Big-Knife, and the militantly pagan Frankish warriors who remain loyal to him? Will they convert — or will they once again see where the wind is blowing, and wait until Badiovirus alienates his people, to strike against him?

Allegiance: Loyal to Camulod

Few people are more loyal to Camulod than Bedwyr, the King of Cantium. The successful return of Cantiaci refugees from Londinium to live alongside Jutish farmers has alleviated many concerns from both the Britons and the Saxons in the kingdom as to which the new king would favor. The Saxons living in Cantium are divided into two classes: the Jutish farmers who largely support Bedwyr and Camulod’s ideals, and the Frankish warrior aristocracy, who, led by Octa Big-Knife, who have made a public show of support for Bedwyr, but are mostly waiting for their chance to strike against him. Though Octa no doubt nurses his ambitions, he has so far been out-maneuvered by the knights, and must now accept that his plots must play out over a much longer timeline, if at all. Bedwyr’s return from exile and condemnation, and his pivotal role in rooting out the Cainite conspiracy, has caused stories to spread across the kingdom about their heroic king. The people rejoice and those who would exploit them fear that any shadowy figure could be the legendary Strider.


Bedwyr: The Jutish Militia

The Jutish farmers were long oppressed by the Frankish warrior aristocracy because the Franks had weapons and knew how to fight. To even the odds, Bedwyr wants to arm the Jutes and teach them to fight. Ultimately, he could replace the Frankish warriors altogether, if he could teach the Jutes to defend themselves, their homes, and their families.

Illica: Spread the Gospel

Illica was an influential Pelagian theologian living in Verulamium, and a woman, and it was hard to tell which of those facts made Bishop Libo in Londinium angrier. Bedwyr invited her to join his cause of rebuilding Cantium by moving to Durovernum. She accepted, and her theology has done a great deal to help unify the kingdom. She agrees with Bedwyr that the Saxons’ gods are an oppressive and even infernal force. She urges the knights to help her bring more Pelagian preachers to Cantium to spread the gospel — not by sermons, but by example.


Potestas: Bedwyr
Predico: Octa Big-Knife, Illica
Populus: Winfrið, Sunngifu

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Cantium (Kingdom)

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