Dál Riata

When the Romans conquered Britain, they divided the British tribes in three. Those who lived under the empire became the Romano-Britons. Those north of the Wall were further divided by the Spine of Britain. To the east, the tribes formed a political confederation to defend themselves against the Romans, and became the Picts. To the west, the tribes had easy access to Ireland, encouraging trade, and an exchange of not only goods, but language, traditions, and customs. They became Irish. The kingdom of Dál Riata spans the ocean, encompassing islands, and coasts of both Britain and Ireland.

Impending Issue: War in the North

The mountains that once separated Dál Riata and Pictland seem more porous every day. Tensions grow between the Irish and the Picts. Skirmishes in the mountains threaten war.

Face: Fergus mac Eirc


Dál Riata

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