Dobunnia (Kingdom)

Issue: Triumvirate

The Dobunnic kingdom is ruled by three magistrates. Glevum was one of the four colonia in Britannia under the Romans. Glevum’s magistrate, Decius Nervius Glevius, thus controls the best fighting forces, recruited from families descended from generations of Roman veterans. Corinium Dobunnorum, however, was the civitas capital for the Dobunni and the second largest town in the island. Its magistrate, Marcus Publicius Censorius Dannicus, can trace his lineage back to the pre-Roman tribal aristocracy. Dannicus has the clearest imperium in the kingdom and commands the allegiance of the kingdom’s population. The last triumvir, Secundus Herennius Sulinus, is the magistrate of Aquæmann, the elaborate Roman baths once dedicated to the pagan goddess, Sulis. His position there allows him to control wealth and trade. He has powerful friends throughout the island. Each of the magistrates dreams of becoming the sole king of Dobunnia, but each relies on the other two: for military protection, for legitimacy, or for wealth. They’ve each perfected the art of hiding behind the reluctance of the other two as an excuse to get out of doing almost anything they’d rather not do. Fortunately, life in Dobunnia is not so bad. If anything needs to change in Dobunnia, though, the triumvirate will all but ensure that it won’t.

Allegiance: Loyal to Camulod

Arthur Pendragon’s victory at Badon Hill saved all Britons from Ælle, but the Dobunni most of all. While some began to doubt Camulod during the war with Venta and Gwenhwyfar’s disappearance (which caused a great deal of disturbance in their kingdom), the peaceful resolution with Melwas and the efforts of Arthur’s knights have proven to them that Camulod’s vision still endures.


Potestas: Decius Nervius Glevius, Marcus Publicius Censorius Dannicus, Secundus Herennius Sulinus
Predico: Velvinna
Populus: Maria Ursa


Dannicus: Defeat Ursa

Corinium Dobunnorum was once home to a thriving wool market, and Dannicus hopes it may yet be again, but the bandit Ursa keeps farmers from bringing their wool to the forum. Dannicus asks the knights to defeat Ursa. He hopes that if the wool market thrives again, he won’t need Sulinus’s wealth anymore, and it will help tilt the balance of power in the kingdom in his favor.

Maria Ursa: End Vulso’s Reign

Maria Ursa is a bandit leader in the tradition of the baucaudae, still fighting the Revolution. She is supported by the urban, Christian poor in her war against the rural and now somewhat secret pagan elite. She will support Camulod only if they prove their dedication to the Revolution. She identifies the worst pagan tyrant in Dobunnia as Tertius Vorenius Vulso — a rich, cruel landowner protected by his friendship to each of the three triumvirs, as well as a small private army. Maria Ursa will throw her support behind Camulod if the knights can end Vulso’s reign.

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Dobunnia (Kingdom)

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