Issue: Realm of the Merchant Princes

The Dumnonii are, for the most part, simple farmers. The tin mines require a huge number of slaves and workers paid very little for dangerous, back-breaking labor in the dark. Dumnonia’s trade links bring in luxuries from all around the world. Enough revolutionary sentiment continues to make it dangerous to be too conspicuous about such wealth, so the elites of Dumnonia fortify themselves in places like Din Tagell. The Cunomori have relied on this to consolidate their power. They bring in a great deal of wealth from trade, which goes primarily to those supporters. Those supporters then become ever more dependent on the protection the Cunomori can provide for them. Meanwhile, the anger of the Dumnonii at their Cornovian king is only further heated by the class tensions.

Allegiance: Friendly to Camulod

Ælle’s master plan centered on Dumnonia: by cutting it off from the rest of Britain, he hoped to drain the island of its economic lifeblood. Everyone in Dumnonia knows that Arthur Pendragon’s greatest victory was fought to save them above all. The tensions between the rich and poor in Dumnonia, as well as the tensions between native Dumnonii and the Cornovian aristocracy, continue to simmer, now reinforced by religious tensions just as they were in the Revolution. In the eastern part of the kingdom, a pagan warlord named Melwas has emerged, offering refuge and justice for pagans. His connections with Arthur give many Christians pause, making the Nicenes quicker to point out the High King’s affiliation with the heresies of Pelagius.



Gerontius: Overthrow Marcus Cunomorus

Gerontius leads the rebellion against the Cunomori. He’ll gladly support Camulod if they help him overthrow Marcus Cunomorus and take over Dumnonia.

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