Issue: Holding the Wall

Eboracum is a kingdom dedicated to a purpose: defending Britain from the Picts. They are ruled by a military commander, and their entire society is oriented towards maintaining the Wall, as it has been for generations. They have done such a good job, in fact, that the Picts have become a maritime threat. The idea of invading Eboracum no longer even occurs to them. Does that negate the kingdom’s whole purpose? Einion ap Mark dreams of building a fleet that could protect the south from the Picts’ maritime raids.

Allegiance: Ambivalent to Camulod

Those in the north who believe that someone from their part of the island should have a chance to hold sway naturally look to the Dux Britanniarum, Einion ap Mark. This led directly to the rebellion, though that incident has since begun to fade into history. Einion tasked Firactus with building a Classis Eboracensis to protect Britain from the Picts’ raiding ships. Firactus knows that Eboracum does not have the resources to accomplish this, for all the same reasons that Rome did not build any great new fleets for centuries. Instead, he turns to his friends from Germania to assemble a fleet of foederati. During the war, Arthur came into conflict with some of these, led by a warlord named Winta. Many of Eboracum’s neighbors see this policy as foolish, and even a betrayal. Einion and his court see it as essential to fulfilling their duty to safeguard Britain.



Pabos: Prove Dunaut Worthy

Pabos became famous as a Brigantian chieftain in the time of Vortigernos, when he won a number of key victories against the Picts, keeping them from taking advantage of Hengist’s revolt further south. He is old and weary of war now. He supports Camulod, but he wants to retire as a monk. He wants to know that his son, Dunaut the Stout, is worthy to take his place, though. He asks the knights to test his son, to prove that he possesses the four cardinal virtues: prudence, justice, temperance, and courage.

Auspex: Convert Gogfran

Bishop Auspex feels the distance between his see and Rome. He knows that he is surrounded by pagans and heretics on all sides. He has no interest in backing a Pelagian’s claim to the High Kingship. He points out to the knights that their king is married to the daughter of a Pictish chieftain, Gogfran, who is the chief opponent of the Picts’ King Nechtan in his attempts to bring Christianity to his people. He tells the knights that if Arthur wants to win the support of the Church, they should bring his father-in-law to Eboracum to be baptized as a Nicene Christian by him.

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