Issue: The Countenance of Prydain

The Votadini took great pride in being Rome’s ally, rather than its vassal, but the pattern of constant war on the empire’s frontier nonetheless shaped their customs and traditions, until everything they prized centered on glory in battle. Prince Lugh, working together with Caius Hectorius and Bedwyr, started a new bardic college at Din Eidyn and reignited interest in the native culture of the island. Now the Votadini pride themselves as warrior-poets, and look to their kingdom as the bastion of British traditions and customs.

Allegiance: Friendly to Camulod

Many Votadini still see Arthur Pendragon as a Roman, but they can accept that, because they safeguard the island’s native customs and traditions. Camulod may bring together the island’s Roman history and British heritage, but it will need their help as the keepers of British tradition to do so.



Aedan: Help Aedan Woo Rhys

Aedan has returned home to the court of his father, Cynfelyn, ruler of Manau Gododdin. He is greeted as a hero for serving with Lugh and Arthur, but he is in love with Rhys ap Meuric, the son of Cynfelyn’s most bitter rival. Aedan asks the knights to help him win Rhys’s heart.

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