Icenia (Kingdom)

Issue: Two Kingdoms, One Land

Bound by oath and honor, Icel could not move against Arthur Pendragon, so his son, Cnebba, slew him and took his place. Some say that Icel insisted he do this, in order to lead the Angles into the war he knew they must fight. Others say Cnebba took advantage of simmering tensions and a growing faction hungry for war to slay his father and seize the throne. Regardless, the Angles of Icenia moved quickly to make war against the British High King. The native Iceni, driven into the Fens by Pictish raiders and Anglian renegades, look to the Count of the Saxon Shore — Lugh Striking-Hand — as their leader and protector. Two kingdoms — Icenia and Anglia — lay claim to the same territory. The current war will determine who will possess it.

Allegiance: Ambivalent to Camulod

Icenia is ruled by Lugh Striking-Hand, one of Arthur Pendragon’s most loyal knights. The Iceni look to Lugh for leadership and protection. Anglia is ruled by Cnebba, a proud barbarian king who traces his lineage to the pagan god Wotan. His father Icel held the prestige of the only enemy to defeat Arthur in battle. Now Cnebba relies on that to attract Saxons from across the island who see Arthur as their enemy, and seek a way to answer for the defeat at Badon Hill.


Potestas: Lugh Striking-Hand, Cnebba
Predico: Paullus Hostilius
Populus: Vendicina, Leofdæg

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Icenia (Kingdom)

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