An experienced warrior knows the skill that goes into proper movement — not movement that covers ground, although surely that comes along with it, but the skill in moving one’s own body with grace and skill. Sometimes even more than the ability to fight, a warrior must know how to march, ride, carry their armor and gear, and do it all skillfully enough that they do not exhaust themselves before they even reach the battlefield. Once combat is joined, it still matters a great deal in the stance and footwork so vital to success in combat. Some more agile fighters rely even more heavily on this skill, trying to dodge blows, keeping constantly on the balls of their feet. Even tasks like lifting heavy obstacles that the uninitiated would consider a matter of simple strength, the experienced warrior recognizes as a matter of skill, in the ability to move their body the right way.

  • Overcome: Most rolls involving Move use the overcome action. Besides the obvious examples like climbing a cliff, swimming across a river, or moving a heavy object, this also includes crossing zones in a physical conflict.
  • Create an Advantage: You can use Move to create an advantage for yourself in many ways, from climbing a tree to get into a good position to spy on someone, to outmaneuvering an enemy in combat with superior footwork.


Every warrior knows how to move, but great warriors distinguish themselves in their mastery of specific abilities.

Nimble Fighter: Your combat style relies heavily on agility and dexterity, allowing you to use Move to defend in a physical conflict, so long as you do not wear armor.

Mighty: When you make an overcome roll with Move to perform a feat of physical strength you gain a boost.

Towering Presence: Requires Mighty. Your physical might is obvious. You can use Move in place of Daunt to intimidate people when you rely on your towering physical presence.

Cat’s Grace: You can use Move instead of Skulk to move quickly and stealthily.

Narrow Victory: When your Move roll faces active opposition that also uses Move and you tie, add +1 to your roll.

Leap into the Saddle: If your horse is in the scene you can instantly leap into the saddle. You gain the situation aspect Mounted with one free invocation.

Sarmatian Riding Style: Requires Leap into the Saddle. You can invoke the situation aspect Mounted to move through two zones and then make an attack using Move in a physical conflict.

Cataphractarius: Requires Sarmatian Riding Style. You can take advantage of the Broken Line aspect on an attack in a physical conflict as a perfect invocation.


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