Many tales praise those warriors who rely on subtlety, stealth, and cunning to overcome their enemies. Skulk covers all such skills related to moving past others undetected.

  • Overcome: You can use Skulk to get past any situation that primarily depends on remaining undetected. Sneaking past sentries, hiding from a pursuer, or following a a target without notice would all pose obstacles that you might overcome with Skulk.
  • Create an Advantage: Skulk allows you to create advantages to ambush an enemy or strike from the dark.


While many warriors know how to duck behind a tree to ambush a passing enemy, stunts can distinguish you as a truly accomplished scout — or a terrifying brigand.

Backstab: If you have the situation aspect Hidden, you can lose the aspect to make a physical attack with Skulk. You can use the aspect on the attack roll before losing it.

Disappear: Requires Backstab. You can gain the situation aspect Hidden in the middle of a physical conflict by paying a point of valor to make a Skulk roll against a passive opposition set by the highest Mark skill among your opponents.

Assassin: Requires Backstab. When your backstab succeeds with style you can spend a point of valor to take out your target immediately.

From the Shadows: When you succeed in an opposed roll with Skulk, gain a boost.

Hush: You can lead a group of people equal to your Skulk skill (e.g., if you have Good (+3) Skulk, you can lead a group of three others, plus yourself), and make one Skulk roll for the entire group, so long as they stay together and follow your instructions.

Scout: Requires Hush. When you succeed on a Skulk roll to lead a group, you can place a boost on any of the members of your group. When you succeed with style, you can place a boost on up to three members of your group, including yourself.

Cover Your Tracks: When you try to cover your tracks, any tracker trying to follow you faces active opposition from you rolling Skulk, rather than passive opposition

Guerrilla: You must have an aspect referring to your training or background as a guerrilla fighter. Whenever you gain the situation aspect Lying in Ambush, you gain a free invocation on your guerrilla aspect.


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