Know covers a warrior’s learning and knowledge, but Understand covers his ability to understand another person, to read his emotions, and to predict his actions. Everyone needs to understand people well enough to recognize deceit, but for a warrior, understanding what your enemy might do next can mean the difference between life and death.

  • Overcome: You might use Understand in an overcome roll like you would Mark, to see if you catch a subtle hint while dealing with another character, or in a contested roll against a skill like Scheme, to see if you can see through someone’s deception.
  • Create an Advantage: You can create advantages with Understand by predicting their behavior or knowing what will make them flinch or hesitate. You can also use Understand to learn another character’s aspects. When you do this, you gain a free invoke on the aspect, just as you would if you had created it.


Many warriors have distinguished themselves by their keen understanding of the human mind, but such abilities also distinguish holy men and women, confessors, and the most treacherous brigands and frauds.

Sealed Lips: You understand when others are trying to size you up. You can defend against attempts to learn your aspects with Understand instead of Scheme.

Social Grace: When you roll Understand to create an advantage and you tie or succeed, add two shifts to your result.

Reading the Room: Requires Social Grace. When a challenge or contest begins that’s social in nature, you can pay a point of valor to immediately place an aspect on the scene with one free invocation, reflecting your read of the social atmosphere.

Courtly Grace: Requires Social Grace. When you roll Understand to create an advantage in a court and succeed, you gain one extra free invocation on the aspect you create.

Confessor: You can make a roll against another character’s moderate or severe consequences if they are psychological in nature and the next consequence slot down is open. The consequence defends with its own rating (Great (+4) for moderate or Fantastic (+6) for severe). On a success, you move that consequence down one slot and begin its recovery.

Projection: You understand that when people lash out, it says more about them than it does about you. When you take damage from an attack using Daunt, you can learn one of their aspects and gain a free invocation on it.

Open & Honest: If you speak openly and honestly with another character, you can reveal one of your aspects to them (granting them a free invocation on it). In return, they must reveal one of their aspects to you, granting you a free invocation on it.

Friendly: Requires Open & Honest. When you learn another character’s aspect with your Open & Honest stunt, gain a boost on them.


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