Arthur Pendragon

High King of the Britons

  • High Concept: High King of the Britons
  • Trouble: Ideals of Camulod
  • I Will End the War
  • The Virgin’s Vision
  • Gwenhwyfar, My Love



  • General (Leadership): Arthur has a +2 bonus to Leadership rolls to command additional warbands in battle.
  • Cavalry (Horsemanship): Arthur has a +2 bonus to Fighting attacks against unmounted enemies while he is mounted.
  • Knight (Horsemanship): When Arthur creates an advantage with Horsemanship, he creates a boost even on a failed roll. On a tie, he creates a scene aspect with one free invocation. On a regular success he creates a scene aspect with two free invocations, or three on a success with style. The aspect (and any free invocations not yet used) is lost if he dismounts or is pulled from his horse.

Patron: None



  • Knights of Camulod
  • Rome’s Legacy
  • Celtic Heroism




Arthur’s warriors have trained to take advantage of their horses in combat against infantry. They gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls made against infantry.

Cavalry Charge
When Arthur’s warriors succeed with style on a Fighting attack against infantry, they can place the situation aspect Broken line on them. They get a free invocation of this aspect. Their enemy can remove this aspect by spending their turn to make a Good (+3) Athletics roll.

Hold the Line
Arthur’s warriors have a +2 bonus to defense against attacks that aim to move them involuntarily.


  1. Batraz
  2. Glewlwyd Strong-Grip
  3. Uchdrud (Arthur’s Lieutenant)
  4. Cingetorix the Storyteller (British Tracker, Storyteller)
  5. Tathal Cheat-the-Light (Renowned Thief)
  6. Albus Nodontius Palamedius (Cunning Warrior, Child of the Nile, Looking Out for My Little Brother, Aeternus)
  7. Aeternus Nodontius (Living in the Shadow of My Older Brother, Palamedius)
  8. Caovius (Son of Gerontius)
  9. Isperyr Catsclaw
  10. Cors Hundred-Claws
  11. N. Suetonius (Band of Brothers)
  12. L. Suetonius (Band of Brothers)
  13. C. Suetonius (Band of Brothers)
  14. Gormant Cunomorus (Son of Marcus Cunomorus, Cornovian Prince of Dumnonia)
  15. Gusconius
  16. Greid, son of Eri
  17. Mael Umai mac Brian (Irish Warrior, Wealth & Glory)
  18. Conchobor mac Nuallán (Irish Warrior, Wealth & Glory)
  19. Curoi Adare (Irish Warrior, Wealth & Glory)
  20. Fercos (Irish Warrior, Wealth & Glory)
  21. Laegaire (Irish Warrior, Wealth & Glory)
  22. Conall (Irish Warrior, Wealth & Glory)
  23. Esico the White (Pale & Sickly Child, Cornovian Warrior)
  24. Uindos the Pious (Pious Pelagian, Ancestral Duty)
  25. Mondorix of the Mountain (_Cornovian Mountain Man)
  26. Dovatacos the Blind (Blind Warrior, Son of the Headless Horseman)
  27. Dervacos (Descended from the Steppes, Ancestral Duty)
  28. Ulcagnos, son of Uricalus (Knight of Rheged)
  29. Cynwas Pointed-Staff (Cornovian Knight)
  30. Viroco Stout-Cattle (Interpreter [speaks Brythonic, Latin, Irish, and Pictish])
  31. Cunocennos the Black (Son of Uarthos the Wizened)
  32. Cunogusos the Crafty (Son of Uarthos the Wizened)
  33. Cunopectos the Strong (Son of Uarthos the Wizened)

The Fallen

  1. Rigocatos the Bright
  2. Ser. Suetonius (Band of Brothers)
  3. V. Suetonius (Band of Brothers)
  4. Caledonius Furius
  5. T. Lorudetius

Image by Richard Hook.

Arthur Pendragon

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