Political Power

  • High Concept: Political Power
  • Trouble: Political Pawn
  • Guardian of the Flame
  • Betrothed to the High King
  • Lugh is My Champion



  • Seducer (Intrigue): Gwenhwyfar gains a +2 bonus to Intrigue to place an aspect on a character referring to how she’s seduced them.
  • Aulus’s Confidence (Patronage): Gwenhwyfar gains a +2 bonus to Patronage when rolling to pursue her social ambitions.
  • Friends in High Places (Patronage): Gwenhwyfar gains a +2 bonus to defense rolls made with Patronage.

Patron: Aulus Hectorius


High Concept: Political Power

Though young, Gwenhwyfar is worldly and ambitious. The world is changing in many ways, and she feels she must gain a position of influence so that she can have some hand in shaping and guiding those changes. In the past, a queen like Boudicca could simply seize control like a man would, but Rome’s influence grows every day, even in lands they never managed to conquer, even as that influence becomes more and more chauvinistic. Instead, Gwenhwyfar takes her inspiration from another figure in Rome’s history: Cleopatra. She will master the game of politics, and that way gain the influence she’ll need to leave her mark on this changing world.

Trouble: Political Pawn

To the pagans, Gwenhwyfar, a druid’s daughter consecrated to the goddess Brigid, is a potent symbol of divine legitimacy, an object that could mark her owner as a ruler blessed by the old gods. To the Christians, this child raised in the very convent that has played such a part in the conversion of the Picts fits into the sort of narratives the hagiographers always seem to find in their saints’ lives. To rulers across the island, the daughter of a powerful Pictish chief, raised in King Lot’s court, brings powerful political connections and alliances. Gwenhwyfar wants to master the game of politics, but to many of the players already in the game, she’s an important pawn to possess.

Guardian of the Flame

Gwenhwyfar is the daughter of Gogfran, chief of Maen Gwyngwn, one of the Pictish tribes. Her mother was a druid, and so she was sent while still quite young to the temple of Brigid, where she was trained to tend to the eternal flame there. When Nechtan became king of the Picts, though, he brought Christianity with him from Ireland. By the king’s order, the temple became a convent, and the priestesses became nuns, but the flame continued to burn. Gwenhwyfar, still too young to take holy vows, was exempted. Lot, king of Gododdin to the south, remained faithful to the old gods, so the priestesses sent young Gwenhwyfar to him, along with a sacred flame lit from the temple’s own eternal flame. As a druid’s daughter consecrated to the goddess Brigid, her very presence brings a sense of the holy to those who still believe in the old religion.

Betrothed to the High King

Gwenhwyfar pushed her foster-father King Lot for the betrothal to Arthur after Uther Pendragon died. She saw potential in him even he did not. When Ambrosius Aurelianus died, she helped push Arthur to accept his destiny as Britain’s High King. Now, they might be able to forge a new future for the whole island — if Arthur can first defeat the Bretwalda.

Lugh is My Champion

When she came to King Lot’s court, he assigned his own son, Lugh Striking-Hand, as her champion. He has helped her keep her sacred obligations. He has also been her dependable confidant, servant, and protector. She has a crush on him, but she won’t let that distract her from her plans. There is too much at stake to risk over a silly teenage crush. Besides, Aulus is a handsome man, too.

Image by Luis Royo.


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