Lugh Striking-Hand

Count of the Saxon Shore

  • High Concept: The Great-Hearted Knight
  • Trouble: Passions, Not Ideals
  • Votadini Count of the Saxon Shore
  • Peacemaker
  • A Ninth Share in Arthur’s Valor



Weapon Proficiency (Swords) (Fight): Lugh has a +1 bonus to Fight when using swords, and an additional +1 bonus when he also has a situation aspect related to that weapon.

Momentum (Fight): When Lugh succeeds on a defense roll with Fight, he gains a boost on any success, not just on a success with style. When he succeeds with style on a defense roll with Fight, his enemy also takes stress equal to the shifts of his success.

Barbarian Tongue (Saxon) (Know): Lugh knows how to speak the language of the Saxons.

Tough (Endure): You can pay a point of valor to reduce the severity of a moderate consequence that’s physical in nature to a mild consequence (if your mild consequence slot is free), or erase a mild consequence altogether.

Ruler (Lead): You must have an aspect referring to your leadership in a government, such as the magistrate of a city or the king of a country. Whenever you invoke this aspect as part of an overcome roll with Lead to issue orders or proclamations for your government it counts as a perfect invocation.

Social Grace (Understand): When you roll Understand to create an advantage and you tie or succeed, add two shifts to your result.

Patron: Arthur Pendragon



  • Warriors of Britain
  • Steadfast Supporters



Big Warband
Lugh’s warband is especially large, up to 75 men and women rather than 50. They have a +2 bonus to Fight rolls, but suffer a -1 penalty to Move rolls.

Lugh Striking-Hand

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