Lugh Striking-Hand

The Deadliest Blade in Britannia

  • High Concept: The Deadliest Blade in Britannia
  • Trouble: Hound of the Queen
  • Knight of Hearts
  • Loyalty Forged in Fire
  • Peacemaker



  • Rhyfelwr (Fighting): In single combat against an enemy, Lugh gains a +2 bonus to Fighting attack rolls.
  • Inner Strength (Will): Lugh has a +2 bonus to Will when rolling to place a scene aspect on himself.
  • Danger Sense (Empathy): Lugh uses Empathy instead of Awareness for determining initiative in a fight if he can see his attackers.

Patron: Arthur Pendragon

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  • Princes of the Old North
  • Who Dares, Wins
  • Prelude to Chivalry




Barbarian Honor
Anytime Lugh takes part in a duel, you can place a situation aspect on his warband about it rallying around him and taking inspiration from his example. You get a free invocation of this aspect.

Lugh’s warriors have trained to take advantage of their horses in combat against infantry. They have a +2 bonus to attack rolls against infantry while mounted.

Lugh’s warband has a +2 bonus to Will rolls in combat.


  1. Aedan ap Cynfelyn
  2. Talluch
  3. LLudd
  4. Madog
  5. Nerys (British Warrior Woman)
  6. Llew
  7. Clydno
  8. Burt
  9. Drudwas
  10. Cynon
  11. Hilda (Saxon Shieldmaiden)
  12. Segovax
  13. Banna (British Warrior Woman)
  14. Varenus
  15. Maglorius
  16. Segovax
  17. Belator
  18. Dubnas the Fair
  19. Aesuc
  20. Gauorignus
  21. Aledus
  22. Brigomagius
  23. Camulorix
  24. Carnucus
  25. Catugnavus
  26. Cannosus
  27. Maporix
  28. Rianorix
  29. Vassura (British Warrior Woman)
  30. Ualcos Magesos
  31. Tulla
  32. Sexta (Roman Woman with a Warrior’s Heart)
  33. Athelrod (Saxon Warrior)
  34. Barwick (Saxon Warrior)
  35. Cwenhild (Saxon Shieldmaiden)
  36. Godric (Saxon Warrior)
  37. Old Belinos (Son of Gleissiar of the North, 1 of 3 Brave Men)
  38. Gruthnios (Son of Gleissiar of the North, 1 of 3 Brave Men)
  39. Arviragos (Son of Gleissiar of the North, 1 of 3 Brave Men)
  40. Rae
  41. Selby

The Fallen

  1. Dubnas the Tall

High Concept: The Deadliest Blade in Britannia

Known far and wide for his victory in several notable duels, Lugh may very well be the best one-on-one fighter on the isle… and everyone knows it. Like a warrior from some bronze age poem, he is often called upon (or challenged) to act as champion for his patron’s ideals.

Trouble: Hound of the Queen

Charged by his father, his faith, and his own oaths, Lugh serves Queen-to-be Gwenhwyfar in all things. This can be a heavy burden, as he must navigate tricky political waters he just as soon would have stayed clear of, as well as deals with the Gwenhwyfar’s not always practical demands. Sometimes it means dirtying himself with actions he would never have willingly taken on his own.

Knight of Hearts

Fair of face and open of heart, Lugh inspires deep emotional reactions just by being himself. Sometimes these are friendships made in a moment. Sometimes dire hatreds. Sometimes (for good or for ill) he lights the fires of love in those he meets. Universally, though, no one is indifferent to the knight of hearts.

Loyalty Forged in Fire

Though not a general by any Roman standards, Lugh nonetheless inspires loyalty in those who have fought beside him. The oaths of his Princes of the Old North are made over the fires of their enemies burning. They will push their limits for him… and he for them.


When he faced the Saxon King Winta in battle, Lugh was wounded by the sword dubbed “Peacebreaker”. After the fight Lugh took the weapon for himself and renamed it “Peacemaker”, pledging to use it to put an end to the fighting destroying Britannia. The finely made weapon lends Lugh strength in battle, but he often finds himself living up to the name outside the fray as well. Too often he is called to intervene to put to rest quarrels between the hotheaded leaders of Aulus’s warbands.

Image by Fabienne Meiers.

Lugh Striking-Hand

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