Mysterious Bard

  • High Concept: Mysterious Bard
  • Trouble: The Darkness Knows Me
  • The Power of Myth
  • Pendragon’s Bard
  • A Friend in Every Town

Patron: Aulus Hectorius


Myrddin was found dead in his home in Demetia by Bedwyr soon after Gwenhwyfar’s return from her captivity in Melwas’s fortress at Ynys Afallach. He had been hung, apparently just before Gwenhwyfar had been released. Velvinna told Bedwyr not to tell anyone that Myrddin was dead, lest it make Arthur seem vulnerable. Instead, she told him to make her the villain: tell everyone that she had enchanted him in some far-away tower, allowing for the possibility that he may yet return when he is needed.

Image by Richard Hook.


Restitutor Orbis Jason