Britannia has seen a flourishing of learning in the present generation, though precisely what people learn varies widely. In some parts of the island, a new era of Latin poetry and eloquence has begun. In others, the ancient bardic traditions have re-emerged. Those who can distinguish themselves with great learning as well as great martial ability earn praise and prestige, as well as the admiration of their patrons.

  • Overcome: Overcome actions usually come into play when your character tries to do something, but in this case it tells us what your character knows, rather than what she does. When you fail, you don’t know it, so you’ll have to find out by some other means (usually “the hard way”). On a tie, you know it, but you might not know some relevant details. On a success, you know it. On a success with style, you know it so well, or you know just the right details, to give you a boost. You might also occasionally use Know on an overcome roll to learn or memorize something.
  • Create an Advantage: You can use Know more actively to create advantages for yourself with your knowledge, by declaring details on the scene.


Even the dullest warrior knows something, but stunts can distinguish you as a scholar.

Logical Defense: You respond to insults with logic and reason, rather than rising to their bait. They don’t seem to like that very often. You can roll Know to defend against an attack using Daunt.

Instructor: When you succeed on a Know roll to create an advantage on another character by teaching or instructing them, they gain one more free invocation than usual.

Medicus: You can make a roll against another character’s moderate or severe consequences if they are physical in nature and the next consequence slot down is open. The consequence defends with its own rating (Great (+4) for moderate or Fantastic (+6) for severe). On a success, you move that consequence down one slot and begin its recovery.

Barbarian Tongue: You can speak the language of some other people besides the Romano-Britons, like the Saxon, Pictish, or Irish language. You can take this stunt multiple times to speak multiple barbarian languages.

Barbarian Ambassador: Requires Barbarian Tongue. You not only know the language of a barbarian people, but their laws and customs as well. Choose one people besides the Romano-Britons whose language you speak. You can use Know in place of Speak when dealing with them.

Field of Study: When you take this stunt, choose a field of study, like law, religion, mathematics, or philosophy. When you invoke an aspect on your character related to your deep study of a particular field you also gain a boost.

Theory in Practice: Requires Field of Study. With a relevant or better invocation of an aspect on your character related to her deep study of a particular field you can roll Know in place of any other skill, instead of gaining a bonus.

Academic Puzzle: Requires Field of Study. When you spend some time pondering a problem, you can spend a point of valor to make a special Know roll against a Mediocre (+0) opposition. For each shift you make on this roll you discover or create an aspect related to your field of specialization, on either the scene or the target of your observations, though you may only invoke one of them for free.


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