The Basket of Caratacus

Caratacus was a guerrilla leader who rallied the British against the Roman invasion under Claudius. Caratacus relied on his support among the people and his superior knowledge of the land to resist the Romans’ superior numbers. Stories say that his basket could feed a hundred men — a useful trick for any military leader, surely, but doubly so for a guerrilla leader. Beyond any supposed magical powers, though, Caratacus remains a potent figure in British lore, a reminder that the Britons can resist powerful enemies when they rely on each other and the land they share.

Current Whereabouts

Myrddin says that the basket is guarded by a Demetian chieftain named Gwyddno Crane-legs.

Magical Properties

“Food for one man would be put in it, and when it was opened, food for a hundred men would be found in it.”


Not yet known.

The Basket of Caratacus

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