The Cauldron and Bowl of the Dobunni

It is rumored that during the Revolution, a group of secret Dobunni pagans banded together to protect two powerful relics sacred to their local gods — a cauldron and a bowl — hiding them away from the Christians who would seek to destroy them.

Current Whereabouts

The Cauldron and the Bowl were recovered by Bedwyr, Caius Hectorius, and Lugh Striking-Hand.

Magical Properties

“Whatever food might be wished for in them, it would be found.”

The Dobunni once worshipped a mother goddess named Cuda, tied to the sacred geography of their territory itself, and the hunter god Artaio. Their most sacred relics were the Cauldron of Cuda, representing the land, and the Bowl of Artaio, representing their connection to it. This story speaks to the abundance of the land itself, providing whatever food one might wish for.


With the Cauldron and Bowl of the Dobunni you can perform a ceremony in the heart of Dobunnia to awaken its ancient gods: the mother goddess Cuda, and the hunter god Artaio, placing the aspects Blessed by Cuda and Guarded by Artaio on the kingdom. The ensuing peace and prosperity raises Dobunnia’s loyalty to Camulod by one step.

The Cauldron and Bowl of the Dobunni

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