The Cauldron of Diwrnach

The giant Diwrnach is sometimes said to have dwelt in Ireland, and sometimes in the land of the dead, but it is his cauldron that the stories speak of more than him. It was kept in a grove in Dobunnia where the head of Bran the Blessed was also kept, until Arthur Pendragon, enraged by the idea of human sacrifice, destroyed the head of Bran the Blessed. Before he could reach the grove, though, Myrddin and Owain Rheged smuggled the cauldron away with a group of Irishmen.

Current Whereabouts

Only Myrddin knows who took the cauldron, or where they may have taken it.

Magical Properties

“If meat for a coward were put in it to boil, it would never boil; but if meat for a brave man were put in it, it would boil quickly.”


Not yet known.

The Cauldron of Diwrnach

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