The Chariot of Caesius Nasica

The name of Caesius Nasica appears in Roman records as the commander of the Legio IX Hispana when they defeated the first revolt of Venutius of the Brigantes during the governorship of Aulus Didius Gallus. His legion disappears from Roman records during the chaotic years of Hadrian’s reign.

Current Whereabouts

According to Myrddin, the Legio IX Hispana suffered a terrible defeat against the Picts, forcing Rome to disband the legion afterwards because too few survivors returned. The Picts took the chariot, however, and have hidden it somewhere in their vast territory to the north.

Magical Properties

“If a man went in it, he might wish to be wherever he would, and he would be there quickly.”

The Picts were quite impressed with the Romans’ ability to move massive forces around the island quickly, an ability they possessed largely because of their network of roads. The Imperial Eagle granted access to that network, seeming to unlock the gates at the wall and provide unfettered access to the roads built by the Romans. Pictish bards began to speak of the Eagle as the “chariot” of Caesius Nasica because of the access it granted him.


Any Pictish warband that carries the Eagle gains a boost any time they succeed on a Move roll.

The Chariot of Caesius Nasica

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