The Drinking Horn of Bran the Blessed

When Caius Suetonius Paulinus came to eradicate the druids at Ynys Môn in 60, they buried a sacred relic of the raven god Bran the Blessed.

Current Whereabouts

According to Myrddin, the druids who hid the drinking horn centuries ago left a trail of clues couched in their druidic oral tradition for any of their fellows who might return to reclaim the horn after the Romans had left.

Magical Properties

“This dispensed whatever drink one wanted.”

The Drinking Horn was used to administer poison as part of rites involving human sacrifice, as one part of the three-fold death. The allusion to “whatever drink one wanted” hides this darker meaning — “whatever drink one wanted” awaits the drinker in the other world, after their death.


When you try to create an advantage using an existing aspect referring to pagan beliefs or practices and you possess the Drinking Horn of Bran the Blessed, you gain one additional free invoke.

The Drinking Horn of Bran the Blessed

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