The Halter of Mascen Wledig

A key part of Magnus Maximus’s empire was strengthening the Damnonii in the north and enlisting them as foederati against Irish raiders. A key symbol of this partnership was presenting his halter to the chief of the Damonii at Alt Clud, where it has remained in the hands of the kings of Ystrad Clud ever since.

Current Whereabouts

The location of this treasure is no great secret: it is held by Dumnagual, the current king of Ystrad Clud. However, it is a powerful symbol of Damnonian kingship and sovereignty, so convincing him to part with it may be a challenge.

Magical Properties

“Which was attached to the owner’s bedfoot by a staple: whatever horse one wished for would be found in the halter.”

The Damnonii prospered from the Romans’ generosity, ensured by this token of support. When Magnus Maximus was executed and Roman influence began to fade, the halter became an almost magical totem of that era, a reminder of the alliances that once brought them prosperity. Stories began to circulate that it was the halter itself, rather than the alliance it symbolized, that magically produced the gifts the Damnonii desired.


Not yet known.

The Halter of Mascen Wledig

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