The Horseman's Knife

The Brigantian queen Cartimandua wavered between courting Roman power and its most dangerous enemies. A shrewd politician, she proved expert at gaining power of her own by playing one power against the other, but that strategy caught up with her in 69, when one of the people she betrayed — her ex-husband Venutius — overthrew her and set the Brigantes to war with Rome. She disappears from Roman history then, but British bards tell a tale that the horseman who smuggled her away slit her throat a few nights later.

Current Whereabouts

According to Myrddin, Vorcunos slew the last person to possess this knife. He alone knows where it lies now.

Magical Properties

“Which would serve for twenty-four men to eat at table.”

This is a curious way to describe a knife most famous for its role in assassination. It might be a poetic allusion to the knife’s sharpness, since most knives would become dull after serving so many people.


Not yet known.

The Horseman's Knife

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