The Treasures of Britain

According to Myrddin, the destruction of the head of Bran the Blessed has left Britain vulnerable to invasion. He wants to gather thirteen treasures mentioned in stories and histories, which, he says, will restore the island with the protection it has lost. The treasures are:

  1. Caliburn
  2. The Basket of Caratacus
  3. The Drinking Horn of Bran the Blessed
  4. The Chariot of Caesius Nasica
  5. The Halter of Mascen Wledig
  6. The Horseman’s Knife
  7. The Cauldron of Diwrnach
  8. The Whetstone of Lucius Artorius Castus
  9. The Coat of Paternus
  10. The Cauldron and Bowl of the Dobunni
  11. The Gwyddbwyll Board of Constantine the Great
  12. The Mantle of Joseph of Arimathea


At the beginning of any scene, if you have one of the treasures in your possession, you gain its name as a situation aspect. Each treasure also has a stunt associated with it. You may consider this stunt as one of your own whenever you have that treasure in your possession.

The Treasures of Britain

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