Venta (Kingdom)

Issue: Old Wounds

The Kindred — known to the Romans as the Silures — were famous for their fierce resistance to the empire under Caratacus. Even today, centuries later, many of them name their children for the ancient guerrilla leader. Their former king, Woolos the Bearded, earned a reputation as a fierce warrior king, with wars against the Irish in the northern part of the territory led by Broccán, and against Dobunnia to the east for territory that, he claimed, rightfully belonged to his tribe. Woolos joined the renegade kings against Camulod, and refused to surrender after their defeat. After he was crushed by Camulod and sent to a monastery, Meurig ap Idnerth inherited the kingdom. Though he has not continued Woolos’s policies, the wars have left many wounds throughout the kingdom, and many simmering animosities.

Allegiance: Hostile to Camulod

With their ancient traditions of fierce independence and unceasing military resistance, the Kindred largely supported Woolos’s resistance to Camulod. King Meurig has directed that sentiment in a more peaceful channel, by emphasizing the need to remain strong in the face of humiliation and defeat. Camulod is seen as a foreign invader like any other. Its ideals of peace and justice are derided as cowardly at best, and a cynical ploy to manipulate its subjects at worst.


Potestas: Meurig ap Idnerth, Broccán
Predico: Dubricius
Populus: Unknown

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Venta (Kingdom)

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