Ystrad Clud (Kingdom)

Issue: Fragile Peace

The Peace of Din Eidyn favored none more than Ystrad Clud. Bordered by Dál Riata, the Picts, and Guotodin, Ystrad Clud faced enemies on all sides. While many fear that the peace might not last, they nonetheless scramble to take advantage of it so long as it does.

Allegiance: Friendly Towards Camulod

Camulod orchestrated the peace that Ystrad Clud now enjoys, and proved themselves deftly capable of maintaining it when Fergus mac Eirc began making threats that they would break it.


  • Potestas: Dumnoualos
  • Predico: Unknown
  • Populus: Unknown


Dumnoualos: Patrol the Border with Guotodin

Dumnoualos believes that Guotodin will make a move against Ystrad Clud and betray the peace. He would like the knights to make a patrol of the border and ensure that this is not the case.

Rhiannon: Take the Stone of Destiny to Dál Riata

Rhiannon is one of Dumnoualos’s most trusted advisors. She believes that strengthening Fergus mac Eirc will, in turn, help strengthen the peace. To that end, she asks the knights to undertake a raid on Ireland to journey to the hill of Tara, retrieve the Stone of Destiny, and bring it to Fergus as a gift from the people of Ystrad Clud.

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Ystrad Clud (Kingdom)

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