Bands and Questing

When a group of knights joins together to go on a quest, they form a band. A band has a set list of members, up to three quest aspects, and can also have situation aspects.


You can invoke the aspects on a band that you belong to as if they were your own aspects. By the same token, you can be compelled on your band’s aspects as well.


A band can be on up to three quests at one time. Quests are aspects on your band. You can invoke them and be compelled by them. The aspect is removed when you fulfill the quest’s objective (as determined by the GM).

Situation Aspects

Like characters, scenes, or so many other things in Restitutor Orbis, your band can have aspects applied to it, particularly by Creating an Advantage. Since the band’s aspects apply to all its members, these aspect slots provide a powerful way for you to work together.

Bands and Questing

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