Issue: Two Societies

Caratacus Strongarm, Elaphius’s son and heir, has continued as his father did. He takes inspiration from Theoderic, who divided Italy into effectively two societies. In Belgia, there is a civilian British class, marked by Christian religion, Latin, and Roman law and traditions, and a military Saxon class, marked by pagan religion, Germanic language, and Saxon law and traditions. Caratacus believes this will create a stable and prosperous society, but many other Britons see him as a traitor for this.

Allegiance: Friendly to Camulod

Caratacus Strongarm fought alongside Arthur Pendragon throughout his war and at the Battle of Badon. The prosperous civilian society of Belgia sees Camulod as crucial to providing the peace in which they might prosper. The military society sees Camulod as their best hope for acceptance by the rest of the Britons. Camulod is unpopular only amongst the rich landowners who believe they could seize more for themselves without its meddling, and the Saxon warlords who believe in Hengest’s old vision.


Potestas: Caratacus Strongarm
Predico: Unknown
Populus: Unknown

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