All warriors pride themselves on their skill in combat. Fight covers all the skills involved in visiting violence upon a creature trying to resist you, from simple brawling in the streets to the disciplined martial prowess of the Roman legions to the wild and terrifying savagery of the Britons.

  • Overcome: The GM might call on you to use Fight to overcome an obstacle when mayhem and violence becomes more the background than the focus. For instance, you might have to first make a Fight roll to overcome the general chaos of the battlefield before you can find your enemy and challenge him to face you one-on-one.
  • Create an Advantage: You can use Fight like a knowledge skill to create an advantage, by drawing out your enemy and observing his fighting style, and then identifying his weaknesses. You can also use Fight to create advantages more directly, of course, by flanking, dodging, out-maneuvering, or out-lasting your enemy, knocking him off his feet (or at least off balance), or simply by overwhelming him.
  • Attack: Of course, the most obvious and direct use for Fight involves simply trying to do physical injury to your enemy.
  • Defend: While you might, on occasion, use another skill like Move or Persevere to defend against a violent attack, Fight covers the most obvious and direct ways to defend yourself in combat.


Fight measures your skill and strength in combat, but fighting stunts can define your unique fighting style, and make you stand out as a true warrior.

Celtic Warrior: When you succeed with style on a Fight attack and choose to reduce the result by one to gain a boost, you gain a full situation aspect with a free invocation instead.

Roman Soldier: When you tie or succeed on a defense roll against a physical attack using Fight, add two shifts to your roll.

Defender: When an attack against someone in the same zone as you targets another person, you can pay a point of valor or make an overcome roll with Move against an opposition equal to the attack roll redirect it against yourself.

Comitatus: Requires Defender. When you use your Defender stunt to redirect an attack to yourself and you tie or succeed, add two shifts to your result.

Protector: Requires Defender. When you use your Defender stunt to redirect an attack to yourself, gain a boost.

Crushing Blow: When you cause someone to take a consequence in an attack using Fight you can pay a point of valor to increase the consequence slot by one, so a mild consequence becomes moderate or a moderate consequence becomes severe. When used on a severe consequence, the victim must take both a severe consequence and one other consequence or be taken out.

Hunter: When you make a Fight roll to attack an animal and invoke an aspect that you learned by making a Mark roll to track it, it always counts as a perfect invocation.

Clean Kill: Requires Hunter. If you succeed with style against a regular, unnamed animal, you can spend a point of valor to kill it instantly.


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