Every warrior knows how to fight, but those closest to their patron know how to lead others. First and foremost, this means leading other warriors into battle, of course, but it also means knowing how to inspire men and women to follow you, how to organize people and groups to take best advantage of their strengths, and how to handle logistics. Such warriors rise to become their patrons’ most trusted commanders.

  • Overcome: Most of your options in battle rely on your ability to Lead with overcome rolls, but you’ll also use Lead to organize large groups and coordinate efforts like building projects or evacuating a village.
  • Create an Advantage: Most military tactics come down to creating an advantage with personal leadership. Much of the warfare in this period came down not to differences in equipment or size (which were generally very slight), but in differences between commanders and their ability to lead.


Beyond your skill as a commander, stunts reflect your style of leadership and set you apart from other commanders.

And Whose Army?: You can use Lead to make Daunt rolls when you can point to the people who follow you.

Overseer: When you succeed on a Lead roll to organize a large work effort, you can place a situation aspect on the scene with one free invocation.

General: When you take this stunt, choose one: Relentless (Overcome), Tactical (Create an Advantage), Aggressive (Attack), or Defensive (Defend). You can give your warband two orders to perform the associated action each turn.

Warlord: Requires General. Choose a second option for your General stunt.

Leading the Charge: When you succeed in an Attack flashpoint, you may also place a situation aspect on your warband with one free invocation.

Ruler: You must have an aspect referring to your leadership in a government, such as the magistrate of a city or the king of a country. Whenever you invoke this aspect as part of an overcome roll with Lead to issue orders or proclamations for your government it counts as a perfect invocation.

Beloved Ruler: Requires Ruler. Your people love you. Once per scene when you interact with your people, you gain a boost reflecting their loyalty to you.

Feared Ruler: Requires Ruler. Your people fear you. Once per scene when you interact with your people, you gain a boost reflecting their fear of you.


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